Rula wins New Zealand’s 2014 WAHO Award



RULA (Simeon Shomer+Au/Seetha)
27 October 1993

We are thrilled to announce that Rula has been named New Zealand’s WAHO Award winner for 2014.

Rula is a fourth generation mare at Gerzanne and the last daughter of Simeon Shomer (full brother to Simeon Sanegor) at the stud. Rula has an impeccable pedigree with names like Tuhotmos, Bint Jehan, El Shaklan, Gai Parada etc featuring in her lineage.

Rula also incorporates the bloodlines of 3 stallions imported into New Zealand by Gerzanne Stud – Santarabia Shammar+Au; Fakhr El Nil+UKand Simeon Shomer+Au. And the broodmare Robinia, imported from Australia as a foundation mare at the stud.

Rula is a Roll of Merit recipient at halter, having won numerous A Class Championships – I would imagine she would also be an Elite Roll of Merit recipient with her Progeny results.

Rula has had 9 filly foals in a row – all full sisters – no colts – all by Simeon Shemini.

They are listed below with their achievements:-
SS BINT SEETHA – 2001 NZ National Champion Filly and 2003 NZ National Champion Mare and Multi A Class Champion – plus a Roll of Merit recipient.
SS SHULA – SI Champion Filly
SS TALI – not shown
SS SUKHA – Top Five Filly
SS ARI – the 2007 New Zealand National Champion Mare plus multi A Class Champion.
SS SURI – 2007 NZ National Reserve Champion Filly
SS ABIDA – an extremely rare Maximum Sabino filly – one of only 6 purebreds in the world according to Google. SS Abida or “Lilly” as we call her is “almost the perfect Arabian” – 2009 National Top Five Intermediate Filly
SS SILAH – 2009 NZ National Top Five Junior Filly and 2011 NZ National Top Five Intermediate Filly
SS SULA – 2013 NZ National Champion Intermediate Filly

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