Simeon Shemini

Simeon Shemini

(Asfour-Simeon Shuala)

Straight Egyptian, 1995

Simeon Shemini and Princess Alia Al Hussein Al Saleh, of Jordan

Simeon Shemini and Princess Alia Al Hussein Al Saleh, of Jordan.

At five Simeon Shemini was already twice New Zealand National Champion (judged by Anne Johnston of the USA in 1996 and by Peter Upton of England in 1999, where he was also judged Supreme of the show).

At this early age is already the sire of four National Champions and one International Champion.

Recently at the Middle East Championships, SS Barabas was awarded the Junior Liberty Champion.

Simeon Shemini was very special to us from the day we first saw him with his mother at three months old in the paddocks at Simeon Stud, and with a pedigree second to none.

Simeon Shemini’s first foal a colt, SS Barabas (out of a Simeon Shomer daughter SS Barzani), was purchased by Princess Alia Al Hussein Al Saleh for the Royal Stables of Jordan. Recently while staying at the stud, Princess Alia at her first sight of Simeon Shemini exclaimed “Oh, he is exquisite”.

SS Mahsaali the second and only other foal for 1999 was National Junior Filly Champion at the 2000 National Championships held in Christchurch.


Asfour (Ger) Malik Habdan Enzahi Nazeer
Malikah Ghazal
Hanan Alaa El Din Nazeer
Mona Badr
Simeon Shuala (US) Simeon Shai (Exp US) Ra’adin Royal Star Et Crown Prince
Om Khasma
Simeon Safana Sankt George
27 Ibn Galal V
Ramses Tinah Ramses Fayek Nazeer
Fayza II
Ramses Nagdia Wahag